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BirthWorks is a childbirth education program emphasizing holistic preparation for childbirth emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. In class, we learn together that birth is instinctive, women labor best where they feel safest, most loved, and most fully supported. Birth is a natural, transformative process for the whole family.

Some of the topics we cover in class include:

  • feelings, beliefs, hopes and fears about childbirth
  • nutrition, hydration, exercise, relaxation and life-style choices for healthy pregnancy
  • choosing a birthplace and birth team
  • the physiology of normal birth, including the magic of mama's oxytocin, optimal fetal positioning and optimal pelvic positioning
  • physical and emotional comfort measures for labor and birth, including the benefits of a fully informed birth partner and childbirth doula
  • risks, benefits, alternatives and timing of medical drugs and procedures, including interventions like induction, pitocin, narcotics, epidural, episiotomy, cesarean, and newborn procedures
  • grieving and healing from any prior pregnancy loss, cesarean, or traumatic experience related to our birth or identities as men and women
  • learning the art of breastfeeding, including the SOFT beginning, infant feeding cues, latching, positioning, breast care when milk comes in, safe co-sleeping, babywearing, and the life-saving benefits of long-term breastfeeding for mother and baby
  • rest and recovery in the first six to eight weeks, including attachment parenting, elimination communication, and newborn baby care
  • fertility awareness and beautiful sex after childbirth

In class, parents are encouraged to formulate their birth plan based on their own choices and values, not fear or pressure from others. Pelvic bodywork helps us discover that women's bodies are perfectly physically designed to give birth while artwork allows us to explore our thoughts and feelings about childbirth. Visualizations help us to prepare mentally, spiritually, and emotionally for labor, birth, and breastfeeding. Educational resources in the form of books, DVDs, and referrals to pregnancy and childbirth caregivers are always available. We bring healthy snacks to share, watch short birth videos, and do interactive partner exercises. Our thinking, feeling, remembering babies are treated as important members of the class:  acknowledged, affirmed, and included in BirthWorks activities.

Childbirth Education Class

Private Classes: For families who wish to have private classes starting at a date of their own choosing, I offer my Beautiful Childbirth Education Classes (BCEC), which combines my knowledge of the Bradley Method, Birthworks philosophy, and Birthing from Within techniques to prepare parents for natural childbirth. Versions of BCEC last 2-4 weeks depending on the time families have available before their due date. I also teach a weekend intensive version of BCEC for families planning to birth at home.
Please contact me directly at if you are interested in my BirthWorks or Beautiful Childbirth Education Classes. I joyfully look forward to helping you learn all you want to know about childbirth! May your birth experience be blessed.


Jane Beal, PhD
Certified Doula, Childbirth Educator & Lactation Counselor

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