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Ada At Christian Doula, I believe that every woman who wants a doula should have one! Cost should not prevent any mother from having support in childbirth. So I work hard to provide services at affordable, low-cost and no-cost rates based on a sliding scale related to the incomes of the families I serve. If for any reason I cannot serve you, I will refer you to doulas in the area who can.

If a mother or her partner is employed, I usually ask for full payment at my standard rate unless there is an extenuating circumstance. If the mother has medical insurance, we can seek reimbursement from her insurer. I offer a reduced rate upon request to those in difficult financial circumstances who have no medical insurance. I usually reserve my donated services for single mothers, mothers receiving state aid (such as WIC or TANF), or for single mothers or couples who are unemployed.

During our initial interview, we can decide together what services and rates will work best for your family. We will then sign a contract identifying the services to be provided as well as a payment plan if needed. Families are welcome to pay in full or to divide payments for my services into 3 monthly installments. I ask full payment to be made 2-4 weeks prior to your estimated due date.

accept donations from those who wish to give toward my work of providing doula services, childbirth education classes and lactation counseling to women who are unable to pay or to pay in full. These women include teenagers, single mothers, unemployed women, refugees, victims of domestic violence, and survivors of sexual abuse and assault. In 2010-2017, over 50% of families served by Christian Doula received services at discounted rates. Contributors receive a non-tax-deductable receipt for their charitable gift and a personal note stating how it was used to help a woman and her child. Donations and payments may be made in person, via PayPal, or mailed to me at my current address (available upon request).

I am able to accept your payment for doula services, childbirth education classes, and/or lactation counseling via a secure PAYPAL account. If you wish to make payments online, please let me know, and I will explain how to do so. Please do not make a payment until after our initial contact and agreement for me to provide services and support to you. I look forward to serving you.

I wish you and your family great joy!
May your new life be blessed!