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I am delighted to serve babies, mothers, fathers, and their families and friends in childbirth. It brings me great happiness to see children when they are born and as they grow up, so I’ve included here photos of some of the children I have had the joy of helping to welcome from the womb to the world. They are my life's work!

Birth of Naomi

"I can't imagine not having Jane with us. She was focused on helping me and the birth. My husband and I feel everyone should work with Jane!" ~ Julie "Our birth story would not be told with such joy if our doula had not encouraged and empowered us. We love our doula! We will be forever grateful." ~ Nate (To read more of this birth story, check out: "My Personal Superbowl: The Birth of Naomi")

~ Julie & Nate, parents of Naomi


Birth of Hunter

"Your support to my family and myself was so amazing. Your words encouraged me, your touch calmed me, and your presence reassured me. My homebirth was the best experience in my life, and I am so thankful that you, as my doula and friend, were there to share that with my family and I. I don't know what we would have done without you, and I thank God that you came into our lives. You will always have a special place in our hearts ... I would recommend a doula to everyone -- the whole you -- being there!"

~ Jessica & John, parents of John and Hunter


Birth of Ava

"'True meaning is found in the little acts of kindness that spring from the heart. For all the ways you give and care, and make such a difference, thank you' ... I really appreciate everything you have done for me and Ava!"  ~ Dawn, mother of Christine, Arielle, Rochelle & the fourth princess, Ava

Birth of Emmons

"In the first five minutes of meeting you, I was sure you were my doula. I didn't exactly know what a doula was at that point or what your role would be, but I knew that you were an angel sent to be with me and my unborn baby for the remainder of my pregnancy. You brought us peace and understanding during those last few months, you encouraged and educated me in the areas that I felt fearful and lacking in confidence ... You showered us with love and respect. I admire your kind spirit, your loving and nurturing ways of teaching those around you, saying what needs to be said. I am eternally thankful and blessed to have shared such a special part of my life with you."

~ Katrina & Chris, parents of Emmons


Birth of Daniel 2

"Jane has such a calming spirit. I went into pre-term labor when I was five months pregnant with my first child, Ada. She was a huge support for my husband and me during that frightening time. She was a wonderful patient's advocate. While my husband was supporting me, she was supporting both of us by communicating our needs to various doctors, nurses and family.

We asked for Jane's help again with the birth of our second child, Daniel. Jane came to the hospital and walked the maternity ward with me while my labor progressed. Once in the birthing room, Jane sat with my 18-month-old daughter while I labored. I was able to get "I love you, Mommy" pick-me-ups from Ada during the whole birth process, thanks to Jane.

It was very important to have my family with me, and Jane was an excellent facilitator to the experience. I appreciate Jane and support her dedication to share her efforts with more parents!""

~ Heather & Abe, parents of Ada and Daniel


Kate & Theophila

“The job you did with them [Padiki, Reina, and Reneé]--it was marvelous. You were feeding them, taking care of them, taking them to the hospital … That was a big credit. I really, really mean it. We talk about it in the house all the time. That one, good job! And I really, really appreciate it. I don’t know how many people can do this! Any time, we talk about it all the time, all the time, all the time!! God will bless you for that.”

~ Kate, mother of Padiki, Reina and Reneé (twins!), and Theophila


Birth of William

"I only wish my husband and I could have found Jane earlier--we called her early in the morning the day labor started and asked if she would come over! One phone conversation and one visit a week or so before the birth were enough for me to know that I would feel respected and supported during labor. Indeed, she was a caring and knowledgeable presence all the way through. Jane's support helped my husband and I do the work we needed to do. Thank you, Jane, for your sweetness, vivaciousness, strength and peace! We are glad you were a part of William's beautiful waterbirth. God be glorified!"

- Kristin and Mark, parents of William


Birth of Becket

"Jane was a tether to me in my labor. When I felt that I was drifting into fear or wanting to give up, she held me to the foundations of what I knew about my own strength in labor, my body's ability to bring new life into the world and to the decisions my husband and I had made for the health and well-being of our baby. Her encouragement and steady presence kept bringing me back to where I was supposed to be so that I could healthily, powerfully and lovingly allow my body to bring forth my baby."

~ Tricia & Evan, parents of Sophie & Beckett


Birth of Arabella

"Dearest Jane, I needed to sit down for a minute and just tell you how much you've meant to me. You gave me so much strength, stability and empowerment -- I really, truly believe Arabella's VBAC birth would not have happened the way it did without you. Now that Miss Bella is here, I've had such a whirlwind of emotions -- good, bad, indifferent. The one that stood out the most, though, is thankfulness for you. <3  All I can really say is that I am so, so, SO thankful for what you've done for me and for my girls. You will always and forever have a piece of my heart, and Miss Bella will always hear about how you helped bring her into the world. With much love, gratitude and thankfulness ... "

~Sara Abby, mother of Hadley and Arabella (To read more of this birth story, check out: The Birth of Arabella!)


"Thank you, Jane, for sharing in our joy from the beginning of our pregnancy, thank you for covering all three of us in prayer, thank you for educating us thoroughly and with sincere concern for our well-being during pregnancy and childbirth, thank you for coming when we needed you and serving us through our labor and delivery, and thank you for visiting us last Friday and enlightening us about the miracle God did for us with Hannah. Our gratitude to you overflows! You are, in my dad's words (he's heard much about you), "such a remarkable, supportive, giving person," and we appreciate your service to us as well as the friendship that has grown between us through this time and experience. We love you, Jane, our dear doula angel!"

~ Shannon & Peter, parents of Hannah Joy