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Childbirth Doula Services

In my doula work, I listen to your desires for labor, birth, and post-partum and seek to support their fulfillment. Our meetings can include crafting your childbirth preferences plan, practicing active labor and birthing positions, and trying the emotional and physical comfort measures that might work best for you in childbirth. My doula services include:

  • an initial interview
  • two prenatal visits in your home
  • Jane Beal's Wise Mama Relaxation & Visualization CD
  • caring prenatal support by phone, text, and email during pregnancy and after birth
  • on call availability 24/7 beginning two weeks prior to your due date 'til the birth of your baby
  • support at your home in early labor if desired
  • continuous support in active labor at your home, birth center or hospital
  • caring postpartum support immediately after birthDoula & Child
  • assistance with breastfeeding
  • one post-partum visit
  • photos of the birth (if desired)
  • a birth poem or story

In addition, I offer birth counseling to women who would like to process difficult events in their lives before giving birth, including grieving past pregnancy losses (miscarriage, abortion, and traumatic vaginal or cesarean birth), healing from childhood abuse or assault, and birthing in special circumstances (such as with an injury or illness, without a partner, after a prior surgery, when having twins, multiples, a preemie, a child with special needs, or a stillbirth and when planning a cesarean or preparing to VBAC). I offer educational sessions that foster relevant knowledge and skills, including attachment parenting, babywearing, mother massage / infant massage, baby sign language, elimination communication, and understanding the Family Medical Leave Act. For women planning to become pregnant, I offer pre-conception care counseling that focuses on promoting fertility naturally and preparing for pregnancy.

Studies show that the emotional support and physical comfort provided by a doula result in shorter labors, reduced labor pain, and consistently healthier outcomes for mothers and newborns.

Childbirth Education Classes

In my BirthWorks childbirth course or Beautiful Childbirth Education Classes (BCEC), expectant parents learn about feelings and beliefs, nutrition and exercise, birth places and birth teams, labor and birth, comfort measures and labor progress, complications and interventions, babies and breastfeeding, rest and recovery, fertility and family ... and much more!  Please see my Classes page for more info.

Lactation Counseling: In lactation counseling, I offer support to mothers choosing to learn and practice the art of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is the normal way to feed a baby, and having breastfeeding support in our culture can help facilitate healthy mother-baby attachment. My suggested plan of care includes 1-3 appointments that can be integrated with my doula services:

  • prenatal visit: medical history, assessment, and breastfeeding goals
  • prenatal visit: infant feeding cues, how to’s (latching, positioning, & encouraging milk let-down), and your unique breastfeeding support plan (addressing issues of baby-led breastfeeding, frequency, duration, safe co-sleeping, babywearing, breastfeeding in public, returning to work, hand-expression of milk, pumping, milk storage, giving breastmilk in bottles, beginning solid foods, and gradual weaning)
  • first breastfeeding after childbirth: a SOFT beginning (skin to skin, open eye to eye, fingertip exploration, taking your time), latching, and ideal positioning
  • postnatal phone appointment (day 3 or 5): ways to care for your breasts when your milk comes in, mother-baby sleep strategies, making more milk, and resolving common questions & concerns
  • answers to breastfeeding questions via phone or email in the post-partum/early parenting period

I recommend additional resources and referrals for further care as needed. Appointments can be scheduled via email and conversations conducted in person or over the phone.

*Note that some health insurance companies are now willing to reimburse for doula services, childbirth education classes, and lactation consultations. I recommend that all the families I serve seek pre-approval for my services from their insurer and have this noted in their insurance file or chart. If you wish to apply for reimbursement from your health care insurer, I will give my national provider identifier number to you in our initial interview as well as the CPT (current procedural terminology) codes for my services. Alternatively, some families include doula services as part of their baby shower gift registry to enable their friends and families to contribute to their childbirth experience. I offer discounts and donated childbirth services to mothers in special circumstances as well. Affordable payment plans are also available through Christian Doula to everyone who asks for one. If you have any questions about my rates and services, you are welcome to see my Payments page or contact me directly.

I sincerely look forward to serving you.


Jane Beal, PhD 
Certified Doula, Childbirth Educator & Lactation Counselor